Concerts and Casinos – A Great Combination

You enjoy concerts, and you like casinos, so what is to stop you from combining the two in what is guaranteed to be a fantastic evening? More and more casinos are providing entertainment for players in an

Musical Groups: Bands and Quartets

Many of the most popular and successful musicians have mastered musical theory to the point of being able to manipulate the rules of music making. Many people today have not had extent musical training and are lacking

Where Did Music Notation Come From?

There has been a long time debate over where different elements of music theory and popular music have originated. The metronome was developed by Beethoven because he didn’t want people to play his pieces at the wrong

Who Developed The Quartet?

Variety as unity has been used to describe the art of a musical quartet. The combination of tones whether instrumental voices, string instruments or other music makers has a has a massive effect on the way that

The Epic History of Rock Music

Rock and Roll music has a long history of popularity worldwide. Mixing musical styles like jazz, r&b, gospel and pieces of country music, rock and roll has found a musical style that has become a phenomenon over

Music Through the Ages

Musicians, being famously open-minded, listen to and draw inspiration from many sources. The music they listen to, however far removed it is from their own style, colours the work they produce. Classical music, though it doesn’t appeal

How Rock Bands Got Their Names

The most popular rock bands have made a lasting impression not only though their music but with their inventive band names and song titles that have become recognized worldwide. Although many people are familiar with the names

The Surprising Artists Who Cashed In Big Time

It is usually widely advertised in the media when an artist signs a deal that will make them big time cash. These artists are often the bands we know can gather a large fan base but there

Top Rock Music and Online Games

Music is no longer an after thought when it comes to online video games. Alongside tv and movies, online games have become a money making partnership for many bands and musicians. Not only has rock become a