If you’re the kind of person who likes being the first to know about tending bands, upcoming albums and new hit music, then this is the space for you. I am a writer who works within the music industry. This is my space to unload the tips, tricks, grievances and secrets about the industry; giving you the inside scoop on everything music related.

Want to know why your favourite artist was inspired to write one of your favourite songs?

Web developer as a hobby/extra profession

I am also a hobby developer and a big gaming geek. I recently helped out a friend of mine with a gaming project.

I am very proud of my creation, that web site, the gamer. It is a good performing, SEO-friendly and user friendly website.

Looking for the insider tricks to recording or producing music?

Throughout history, musical artists have been working to cover up their personal lives while living wildly unique lives in the spotlight. It is easy to list a number of musicians who have had tough times within the industry but do we really know the whole story? This space is for unveiling all the secrets from the recording studio to the main stage and so much more.

I had held a number positions in the publicity arena of the music industry and I was working for a number of musical groups and artists within the industry when I decided to start writing about a side of music making we don’t always see. You’ll find valuable tips for making and recording music while gaining an understanding of what inspired the trends in music genres. This is an inside look to the secret gifts that propelled some artists into mass popularity and others to mental breakdown. Keep browsing to get the latest information straight from the heart of the music industry.