Musical Groups: Bands and Quartets

maxresdefault (40)Many of the most popular and successful musicians have mastered musical theory to the point of being able to manipulate the rules of music making. Many people today have not had extent musical training and are lacking the knowledge about music to have an insider look at the music that has become so very popular. There are some reasons why the most popular bands tend to use the same combination of instruments and those who do not usually create music that isn’t as familiar to us. We’ve been trained to hear music a certain way. People get comfortable listening to certain styles that they have been exposed to. That is one of the reasons why it takes a few listens to start liking a song that is especially unique to us, but once you get comfortable listening, it could soon become your favourite hit.

Making music and writing music have been based around a rule of four or quarters for most of history. There are four quarters in a whole note and four beats per bar. There are four ways to write music by using alto, tenor, bass and treble clefs. Due to the fact that music is best understood in quarters, it is easy to understand that four performers is the traditional mix for any musical group. A singing quartet uses the human voice at in four different tones which are soprano, tenor, alto and bass in order to maintain a full range of vocal ability in the music. One violin, to violas and one cello is the basic combination for a string quartet. Wind quartets are actually string quartets with the first violin replaced by any wind instrument.

There are many different styles of quartets but the most accessible style of music is the vocal quartet as the style is used in operas and choirs worldwide. From the most popular rock bands to the oldest vocal groups, all of the music we have ever heard can be broken down into quarters somehow.