Top Rock Music and Online Games

1521bafd1d00bd73eeb08bedb939a91eMusic is no longer an after thought when it comes to online video games. Alongside tv and movies, online games have become a money making partnership for many bands and musicians. Not only has rock become a core aspect of online gaming but the music has become a core aspect of the experience for big time gamers. This article explores the relationship between rock music and online games and its benefits. There are a number of artists who have taken advantage of collaborating with the online video gaming industry for a variety of reasons.

The industry for online gaming has grown exponentially alongside the music industry and the relationship between the two makes perfect sense. Online gamers have gambled and listened to rock music for decades and psychology has unveiled many reasons why. People who enjoy online video games have been proven to be thrill seekers and people with an open personality. People who love rock music share those personality traits making it easy to see the benefits integrating rock music with the video game experience.

Dance, Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero and Garage Band are all popular video games that have made rock music a core aspect of their gaming experience. Artists like Blur who collaborated with Fifa 98′ and Snoop Dogg, who was on the soundtrack for Need for Speed Underground 2 have made huge deals with gaming companies. Before these collaborations, video games were known for creating their own jingles but there are few gaming systems in modern society that do not integrate rock music into their gaming experience.

If you walk into any casino you can find a rock themed slot machine. The artists have been able to benefit from expanding their brand by stamping themselves across the casino. Gamblers, gamers and rock music fans all share similar personality traits and the relationship between them creates a playground of thrilling experience for these individuals. Artists have become accessed entirely new groups of fans by collaborating with online video games. The integration between these industries is clear and the benefits of the collaborations are endless.